By carrying emotions, love, care, adventure, life challenges, rage, and so much more, memoir books always touch the reader’s heart. When a regular reader searches for the best emotional memoir books online, a long list appears on the screen, but how will they know the best book? We have collated the books worth reading and emotional memoirs to solve this issue.

Memoir Books

My Fathers Letters of Healing On a Quest for the Truth by Len Prazych

The book My Fathers Letters of Healing on a Quest for the Truth is specially written for people who have faced sexual abuse in their lives. In the book, the author finds out about his father’s letters. Soon, he will be able to understand his father and discover his secrets.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The title Glass Castle tells the author’s life story and her heartbreaking childhood. Jeannette Walls chose this title because it refers to her father’s long-held intention of building a glass castle, which was his father’s dream house. The memoir also recounts the poverty, dysfunctional parents, siblings, unbreakable walls, and other issues the author has faced.

Emotional Memoir Book

Men We Reaped: A Memoir Book by Jesmyn Ward

The book Men We Reaped is based on the topic of racism. Jesmyn is finding answers to some events that have happened one by one, and she is soon able to realize it while writing the book. The heartbreaking events that occurred were the death of five young men in her life, accidents, suicides, drugs, bad luck and poverty. But soon, while writing this emotional memoir book, Jesmyn realized that they all were the victims of racism.

Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories Book by Lani Hall

Lani Hall has written this memoir to make her fans realize that even celebrities face bad turns in their lives. Being a Grammy Award-winning vocalist, Lani has brought her voice to the book to bring more energy. In the book, she recalls her life includes therapy, cosmetic surgery, postpartum depression, and even their sexuality.

Writing a Memoir

Writing a memoir can be very tough for a writer, especially when the writer is recalling all of his sad or bad memories. A memoir is literature; memoirs mostly contain personal memories, the author’s experiences, and more. Now, talking about autobiography typically explains the entire life of the author. On the other hand, a memoir consists of specific moments, themes or relationships that an author has faced throughout his life.


Emotional memoir books are very close to the readers and the author’s heart. Finding an emotional memoir book can be very tough sometimes when a long list is available on the internet. So, to save the reader’s time, we have developed different memoir books that will touch the reader’s heart.

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