Len Prazych is a talented memoirist whose storytelling prowess shines in “My Fathers: Letters of Healing on a Quest for the Truth.” His story will inspire others to look at their own family stories and understand the connections that have helped make them who they are. Get ready to be touched by Len’s letters in which he bravely showcases his depth of feelings in his attempt at discovering the truth about his two fathers and ultimately, himself.

Len has been a professional writer for most of his adult life, first as a freelancer, as owner of his own public relations, marketing, and advertising company, then as editor-in-chief of a weekly trade magazine. He enjoyed a non-traditional education, earning both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology at age 35, then his master’s degree at 45 in the Psychology of Narrative, during which he researched and experienced the remarkable power of writing to heal physically and emotionally. Len’s thesis on writing therapy helped him through his divorce at age 47, as well as the experience he had when he was 11, which he shares in “My Fathers: Letters of Healing on a Quest for the Truth,” his first book. Born in Jersey City and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey, he now lives in upstate New York.

My Father Book Cover Author Len Prazych

My Fathers Letters of Healing On a Quest for the Truth

A Moving Memoir for Survivors of Trauma and Sexual Abuse

In his memoir, Len Prazych tells a poignant “coming of age” tale and his quest for the truth about what really happened on a hot August night in 1970 in Bayonne, New Jersey. At the heart of “My Fathers: Letters of Healing on a Quest for the Truth” is a 11-year-old boy’s attempt to understand his biological father as well as the priest who abused him. The book, which consists of a series of letters to his deceased father, touches readers as they join Len on his journey if healing and forgiveness, which will resonate with anyone who has dealt with complicated and confusing family relationships.